Work as an dentist in Holland

Go for the next step in your career as a dentist in Holland. Multiply your salary and have a better quality of life.


Job for Dentists

We are the first organization founded and leaded by dentists that will help you on the next step

If you are a dentist and want to change every aspect of your future Holland is your place

Holland is your place for a ton of reasons. We make it easy for you, we'll help you all the way and during your stay in the Netherlands we'll continue to help you and give tips.



The process has no cost to you. YES, NO COST, because all expenses are paid by the clinic that hires you.



We have a unique system of preparation and accompaniment that allows our dentists to learn the language from their countries of origin, perfect it in the Netherlands and carry out a cultural immersion to start working as soon as possible.

In order to be able to work, you must pass a B2 plus Dutch language exam. Don't worry, we provide you with specialized teachers who will guide you professionally to that level.

We also have different study modalities, from Bootcamps with intensive learning, to online learning modalities adapted to your needs.

Pass the tests and travel to the Netherlands. We take care of all the paperwork for your hiring in the country.

We guarantee you work in the Netherlands. You will be able to continue with us and continue to receive all the benefits of job for dentists.

We offer specialized and personalized legal advice services to resolve all the procedures related to the move.

We advise you on the use of the two most used software programs in the country, it is necessary to know them and handle them daily in the dental office.



Dr. Eduardo Kinderman

CEO & Founder

Charline Van Eijkelenburg

Coordinator, Software consultant

Yvonne Duyverman

Job for Dentist's director in Holland

Dr. Hugo Esquiaga

Mentor Dentistry Oral Surgeon

Dr. Sergio Hiskin

Pte. AIOI Mundial Mentor Dentistry

Dra. Mónica Verjolas

Consultant and Mentoring

Dr. Luis Rey

Training & Education

Suyai Michelet


Xabier Gallardo




Have EU nationality

Be a citizen of a member country of the European Union.


Have a diploma or degree awarded by the EU

Have a degree as a dentist in a country of the European Union. If you are approved it is also possible.


Make an online or face-to-face assessment

We select professionals with or without experience. We will do a preliminary assessment to help you with the whole process and find your site.

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